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2018 For the Love of Frida

Author: Duirwaigh Studios

Description: Artist. Visionary. Provocateur. Feminist. Survivor. Lover. Fighter. Storyteller. Revolutionary. Frida Kahlo means many things to many people, but one unifying theme emerges: Frida is an icon. In an homage to this groundbreaking artist, writer Angi Sullins invites you to explore your inner Frida. With thoughts and musings inspired by Kahlo's work, Angi challenges you to ignite your creative fire, shake loose your fears, and boldly embody your life as a work of art. Twelve provocative portraits by contemporary painters, together with Angi's empowering text, channel Frida's indomitable spirit. This bewitching collection will continue to beckon your inner wildness long after the year has ended.


ISBN: 9781631362712

Dimensions: 30 and 30 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2017