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2018 Mandala Meditations

Author: Beekman, Lize

Description: A mandala is a visual prayer, a reminder that all things are interconnected. The interwoven symmetrical designs draw the mind to stillness while lifting the consciousness to a divine meditative state. Artist and musician Lize Beekman's beautifully illustrated mandalas pay tribute to their roots in ancient Tibetan Buddhism. These captivating kaleidoscopes of concentric circles and repeating geometric and floral forms reflect the sacred perfection of nature and the universe. "Mandalas have become the letters, conversations, and the prayers of my heart and thoughts," Beekman says. "The creative process brings me immense peace and healing." Each month, Beekman's transformative process and her mesmerizing intricate images will add calm to your daily life, elevate your soul during your meditation practice, and guide you to peace.


ISBN: 9781631363139

Dimensions: 30 and 30 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2017