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2018 Llewellyn's Astrological Pocket Planner

Author: Llewellyn

Description: Choose the best dates for important events, and use the wisdom of the stars to achieve your goals with Llewellyn's 2018 Astrological Pocket Planner. This convenient, pocket-size planner has been a favourite resource for beginners and advanced astrologers for more than twenty years. Comprehensive and compact, this is the only datebook to offer three years of ephemeris and aspectarian data. Choose optimal dates for job interviews, weddings, business meetings, and other important occasions. Pinpoint ideal times to plant a garden, begin new projects, conduct self-reflections, go fishing, and more. Avoid plantary pitfalls by following the easy-to-read retrograde and Moon void-of-course tables. Includes space to jot down your daily appointments.

Publisher: Llewellyn

Engagement Calendar
ISBN: 9780738737829

Dimensions: 15 and 11 cm

Publish Date: 1/09/2017