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O's Little Book of Calm and Comfort

Author: The Editors of O Magazine the Oprah

Description: The fifth instalment in our series of small, inspirational books from the editors of O, the Oprah Magazine - this one a collection of contemplative and meditative essays that will soothe and inspire the reader to lead a full life with ease. A tranquil, peaceful collection of soul-stirring writing designed to guide readers toward an easier, less-anxious existence. The editors at O, The Oprah Magazine have combed through the magazine's extensive archives to assemble O's Little Book of Calm and Comfort, a collection of stirring pieces from great writers and celebrated thinkers, that offers warm and reassuring companionship to any reader feeling frazzled by the demands of daily life. Each month, O, The Oprah Magazine helps readers live their best lives, serving up information and inspiration on everything from luscious food to lasting love. With a signature blend of candour and humour, fresh advice and timeless wisdom, the magazine offers people the tools they need to, as Oprah Winfrey says, 'become more of who they are' - to love themselves more deeply, to look hopefully towards the future and to leap wholeheartedly into the adventure of being alive.


ISBN: 9781509832538

Publish Date: 1/04/2017

Page Count: 320