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Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

Author: Hasson, Gill

Description: A small format book where each page covers a scenario in which you could use emotional intelligence to benefit you- based on the info that Gill gave in Emotional Intelligence but all new content. The idea with the Emotional Intelligence pocketbook would be to replicate this format and take the wisdom from Emotional Intelligence but give very specific ways to implement it in a range of scenarios. Emotional intelligence - your understanding of emotions and feelings and your ability to handle them - can determine your success and happiness in all aspects of your life. As well as helping you manage your own emotions appropriately, emotional intelligence also gives you an insight into how and why other people behave like they do and helps you to interact with them more effectively. This highly practical book is full of ideas, advice, tips and techniques to help you to understand and manage emotions - yours and other peoples. Within each theme you’ll find particular situations or circumstances where emotional intelligence can be of benefit. For each situation or circumstance you will find practical ways – ideas, tips, techniques and suggestions - to apply emotional intelligence. Keep it in your bag or your pocket to inspire you whenever or wherever emotional intelligence can help provide perspective, understanding and a sense of calm control in your life.

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9780857087300

Dimensions: 25 and 15 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2017

Page Count: 128