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101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Philosopher

Author: Chaline, Eric

Description: n a democracy, should everyone - absolutely everyone - get a vote? Does it really matter if tigers become extinct? Why does murder carry a heavier penalty than attempted murder? If you don't like the socks your grandma gives you for Christmas, should you tell her so? This thought-provoking, interactive, and entertaining introduction to ethics will bring you face to face with some tough moral choices. It presents you with 101 imaginative scenarios - sometimes amusing, sometimes tragic, and sometimes uncomfortably realistic - which will force you to re-examine your most cherished assumptions about right and wrong. Including: Paul, the torturer with a conscience; Sally, who can prevent enormous suffering for the price of a latte; and Paul, who is handy with his sts but not a killer, surely.

Publisher: IVY PRESS

ISBN: 9780857625069

Publish Date: 26/07/2017

Page Count: 224