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Mind at Home with Itself, A

Author: Katie, Byron & Mitchell, Stephen

Description: In A Mind At Home With Itself (her first full-length book since 2007), Byron Katie explains that emotions such as sadness, anger and resentment come from believing our stressful thoughts. When we learn to question the thoughts, they lose their power. And when this happens, our minds are free to turn towards others, and ourselves, with a spirit of generosity. Byron Katie gives approximately 25 hugely popular workshops every year, all over the world. In addition she speaks at such organisations as Facebook and Stanford University and is also involved with a programme for cancer patients. Charismatic and compassionate, there’s good reason why The Times has called her events ‘riveting’, and Time magazine has named her ‘a spiritual innovator for the new milennium’.


ISBN: 9781846045349

Dimensions: 23.4 and 15.3 cm

Publish Date: 18/09/2017

Page Count: 304