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After Death Chronicles, The

Author: Mattingley, Annie

Description: This is a book about ordinary people-plumbers, artists, and accountants, bakers and beauticians, teachers and lawyers-who have been able to receive communication from loved ones who have died. Included here are accounts from over 80 people across the country who have had contact with the dead through the diaphanous veil that separates them from the living. The book begins with the story of Annie's dead daughter coming to her in the early morning hours of each day. The communication was so transformative that she began to share her experience with others. Much to her surprise, she discovered that after-death communication is much more common than is normally assumed, and she began to connect with other folks across the country who had similar experiences. Each of the ten chapters is organized around a specific kind of after-death communication. Included here are chapters on dreams, verbatim conversations, and synchronicity through nature and various other physical manifestations, descriptions of the results of these occurrences, and advice on how to open up to after-death communication. This book inspires in the reader reassurance, courage, healing, and a sense of wonder "I am convinced, the time is ripe for people to recognize the blessing of how frequently our dead beloveds return to reassure us, to help us with our grief, to advise us, to confirm the reality that consciousness continues beyond the grave, and to remind us that there is much more to death than the physical cessation of breath and pulse." - from the Introduction "In this luminous collection of stories, Annie Mattingly weaves a net of solace and insight for those of us left behind by beloveds who have died. This book blesses those moments of sweet synchronicity when the natural world becomes a portal to the place where our loved ones have gone, and through which they remain ever available to us. 


ISBN: 9781571747938

Dimensions: 21.6 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/10/2017

Page Count: 256