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Dreaming on Both Sides of the Brain

Author: Cohen, Ph. D, Doris E.

Description: A dream is not just white noise or something that happens to you while you sleep. Dreams are the secret language of your unconscious.This book will teach you how to: Unlock the secrets of your personal dream languageExplore and interpret the meaning of your dreamsHarness the power of the brain to uncover a life of greater richness and meaningSo often when we awake we find that our dreams have either evaporated like mist or seem to be just on the edge of our memory. Many people cannot recall their dreams at all. Cohen has developed a 7-step process to let you tap into the rich repository of your subconscious: Recall and record.Title your dream.Read or repeat aloud.Consider what is uppermost in your life right now.Describe your dream's objects and qualities as if you were talking to a Martian.Summarize the message from the unconscious.Consider the dream's guidance for waking life.Drawing on years of clinical experience and her familiarity with Freud, myth, and sacred writings, Cohen presents a program that results in a life of abundance, texture, and self-awareness.


ISBN: 9781571747976

Dimensions: 22.9 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2017

Page Count: 192