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Animal Beings, All

Author: Drake, Ken

Description: All Animal Beings is a 'coffee table book' containing beautiful photographs of the animals in our lives that we think we know best. Some of these animals we call family, some we call foe, some we call food. All Animal Beings will showcase these creatures in a new light, as seen through the lens of highly awarded Master Photographer and animal specialist Ken Drake. Why are dogs 'Mans Best Friend' Why can cats be so aloof Why is it ok for us to eat pigs or cows, but not dogs How exactly are birds so smart Is it only humans and domesticated animals that are smart, or does our wildlife have special abilities too These questions and more will be explored. The animals we all think we know . Featured animals will include all manner of pets, farmed animals, and iconic wildlife. Animal lovers & photographic art connoisseurs alike will fall in love with this book. Zoo Studio's signature style of shooting animal portrait's on a black background is unusual and highly effective. The book wil

Publisher: NEW HOLLAND

ISBN: 9781742579290

Dimensions: 28 and 28 cm

Publish Date: 1/10/2017

Page Count: 400