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Life Less Stressed: The Five Pillars of Health and Wellness

Author: Ehrlich, Ron

Description: Life has never been more stressful. It is no coincidence that chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and mental-health conditions are on the rise. Going by the evidence, it would seem we are at greater risk from our lifestyles than from terrorists. At the same time, our environment is also in crisis — and our health is inseparable from the health of the planet. In fact, all these things are connected. That is the message of holistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich. Having seen how dental problems could lead to afflictions elsewhere in the body over 30 years ago, Dr Ehrlich is on a continuing journey to uncover the roots of our problems and the solutions to treat them — rather than treat the symptoms, as so many medical practitioners find themselves doing. Now he wants to share what he’s learned so far, to help you, your family, your community, and the very environment you live in. Untangling decades of confusing and contradictory health messages, Dr Ehrlich restores food, health, and the environment to their central place as vital to human happiness, not commodities to be bought and sold. He explores and redefines the stresses that affect us — emotional, nutritional, environmental, dental, and postural — and shows the way forward to build the five pillars required to simply be well: how to sleep, breathe, nourish, move, and think. A Life Less Stressed is a starting point to develop a broader understanding of our health problems, and a guide for building resilience and creating a healthier, happier you.


ISBN: 9781925322491

Dimensions: 23.4 and 15.3 cm

Publish Date: 2/01/2018

Page Count: 400