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Caught Between Two Worlds

Author: Weatherburn, Marion

Description: Psychic Mediums are a misunderstood people. Being a Medium is equal parts exhilarating and horrifying. If it's a gift you have, you'll understand the title Caught Between Two Worlds. This book is the account of a Psychic Medium, Marion Weatherburn, who has used her gift time and again for good. Not merely because she could, but because she felt a responsibility to do so. It's also an account of the emotional and psychological toll possessing this gift can have on a person. Read this book to learn more about the genuine nature of the ability to communicate with spirit, not for another talk-to-the-dead gimmick. Souls are Simple. We just want to love and be loved. It is this love that knows no boundaries. It is as Humans that we complicate our lives. In her Memoir, Marion Weatherburn teaches us that we are all Souls. It’s the body that dies. Souls live on.

Publisher: WOODSLANE

ISBN: 9780646963839

Dimensions: 19.7 and 12.7 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2017

Page Count: 254