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Cat Body Language: 100 Ways to Read their Signals

Author: Warner, Trevor

Description: All the most common behavioural traits of cats are examined in detail, from raking the dirt in the backyard and kneading their paws while being stroked to chattering their teeth at flying birds and meowing when a can of food is opened. Also included is a whole section devoted to the cat's most expressive body part - the tail. Cat Body Language is an easy-to-use reference guide that enables cat owners to read the signals their pets are giving through their body language. Cats are often regarded as being part of the family, and this book will help readers understand more about their quiet companions.

Publisher: COLLINS & BROWN

ISBN: 9781911163404

Dimensions: 16.5 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 20/11/2017

Page Count: 208