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Cola Fountains and Splattering Paint Bombs

Author: Goossens, Jesse & Faas, Linde

Description: Bring science home with this colourful collection of science experiments us ing everyday household items . Turn your home or garden into a laboratory and create paint bombs and elephant toothpaste, let crystals grow, volcanoes erupt and CD's fly, build your own lava lamp, and discover how you can bounce an egg. Jesse Goossens has collected 47 spectacular, exciting and sensational experiments with clear instructions and helpful information. Illustrator Linde Faas has exploded her palette to introduce even more giggles. The result is a festive book f or budding inventors and other sorcerer' s apprentices.

Publisher: Lemniscaat

ISBN: 9781788070126

Dimensions: 25 and 21 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2017

Page Count: 104