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Draw Like an Ancient Egyptian

Author: Wright, Jay

Description: Take a journey down the Nile to the Delta and discover the rites and rituals, art and culture of the Ancient Egyptians. Jackal-headed Anubis, Osiris, ruler of the underworld and his wife, Isis, goddess of love, are brought to life in Jay Wright's warm, contemporary style. Activities include: designing a pharoah's headdress, making up your own gods, writing your name in hieroglyphics and discovering the treasures of Tutankhamun's tomb, alongside plenty of colouring in. A warm, humorous illustration and text style will get young readers engaging with the fascinating historical rituals and traditions of one of the world's greatest civilisations. Beautiful presentation and packaging will appeal to the adult gift market as well.

Publisher: Cicada Books

ISBN: 9781908714497

Dimensions: 24 and 20 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2017

Page Count: 48