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Make Grammar Great Again

Author: Forrester, Meredith

Description: It’s hard to address all of Donald Trump’s mistakes in 140 characters, but Meredith Forrester is doing her best. Since the announcement of the Presidential election in November 2016, Meredith has been using the power of grammar to copyedit the most powerful man in the world down to size. ‘I realised that Twitter would be his preference for communication,’ she says. ‘And grammar and punctuation are all about getting an idea across really clearly.’ So when one of his tweets the next day had a grammatical problem, she went for it. In this smart, informative compact book you will not only laugh out loud at the incredible and cringe-worthy editorial errors made by Trump, you’ll learn a thing or two about grammar as well.

Publisher: Craftsman House

ISBN: 9780987392787

Dimensions: 19.4 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2017

Page Count: 96