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Amazing Animal Atlas, The

Author: Crumpton, Dr. Nick

Description: There was never an atlas as astounding, as absorbing, as astronomical, as attractive as The Amazing Animal Atlas! Compiled by the Flying Eye Team and illustrated by the immeasurably talented Gaia Bordichia, the book visits every point on the map to meet the world's bounty of awesome, beautiful and strange animals, from the Atacama desert to the North pole! On each spread you'll hear fun and interesting facts about our planet's intricate ecosystems and their inhabitants, from the largest animal in existence, the mighty blue whale, to the world's smallest chameleon, the Brookesia Micra, kids will embark on a journey of complete discovery which they will want to revisit endlessly!

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

ISBN: 9781909263116

Dimensions: 37.5 and 27.4 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2017

Page Count: 52