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Virgin Cocktails

Author: Hurst, David

Description: From gorgeous mocktails to refreshing fruit coolers, Virgin Cocktails presents over 75 ideas and recipes to help you create the perfect alcohol - free drink. With a dash of elderflower, a pinch of strawberry and a cherry on top, you needn't rely on alcohol for exciting and delicious drinks for a night in or an after noon in the sun. Forget the Pimms and lose yourself in healthy alternatives such as Virgin Singapore Sling, Caribbean Float or the Cranberry Crush. Each creation in Virgin Cocktails is expertly crafted and inspired by some of the most exciting trends in bartending and mixology, using ingredients ranging from staple kitchen favourites to exotic herbs and spices. The book also e xplains how to make professional - quality mixed drinks in your home, listing essential bar kit, fancy glassware and fantastic finishing touches.

Publisher: Modern Books

ISBN: 9781911130130

Dimensions: 21 and 15 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2017

Page Count: 160