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Low-Sugar, So Simple

Author: Krebber, Elviira

Description: Get sugar off your plate for good with 100 recipes free of sugar and sugar pretenders that are sabotaging your diet and your health. Sugar is quickly becoming the next health epidemic. Numerous studies have confirmed that sugar is a highly addictive substance with catastrophic effects on our health. Research has shown that drinking a can of soda a day increases the risk of heart attack nearly as much as smoking. Avoiding sugar isn't easy. Sugar lurks in everything from condiments to salad dressing to deli meat. Combine that with the fact that many more foods contain things like starches, fillers, and artificial ingredients which act like sugar in the body, and you've got a perfect storm for lifelong sugar addiction and diminished health. Low-Sugar, So Simple shows you how to get sugar off your plate for good. Popular blogger, Elviira Krebber of Low-Carb, So Simple provides 100 low and no sugar recipes for everything from condiments to main dishes to desserts. You'll learn healthy substitutions for sugar, how to remove stealth sugars, and get the sugar pretenders like starches, fillers, and additives out of your diet. Done in the authors trademark approachable style, eating low sugar is easy with several recipes that are quick and have few ingredients.


ISBN: 9781592337798

Dimensions: 23.5 and 19.1 cm

Publish Date: 2/01/2018

Page Count: 192