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 Worst Decisions...Ever!, The

Author: Weir, Stephen

Description: History's biggest mistakes and the people who made them. Get the lowdown on some of the most significant misjudgments of all time. Revisit history's biggest miscalculations and the people who made them. From Adam and Eve to Rasputin and General Custer, meet heroes and villains from throughout the ages. Illustrated with full-colour photographs and illustrations, The Worst Decisions…Ever! takes you through the disastrous events as they unfolded from ancient to modern times. History is a catalogue of errors, and The Worst Decisions...Ever! shines a light on some of the biggest. Starting with Adam and Eve's original lapse of culinary judgment, author Stephen Weir takes you on a tour from the Trojan War to the Enron scandal, meeting such famous culprits as Cleopatra, Winston Churchill and Robert Mugabe along the way. The Worst Decisions...Ever! doesn't just point the finger at individuals; the actions of governments and corporations are also scrutinized. The motivations--often sinister, sometimes innocent--that led those responsible to commit their mistakes are unveiled, as is the lasting impact that their decisions have had on the world that we live in today.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin Agencies

ISBN: 9781760523190

Dimensions: 21 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/02/2018

Page Count: 144