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Experiments in A Search for God: Lessons 1-24

Author: Thurston PhD, Mark

Description: Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and your place in the universe? Decades ago, a group of ordinary individuals were seeking the same answers to life’s questions that are still sought by many of us today. What the Edgar Cayce readings had to offer was a broader view as seen from the perspective of our higher selves—where there is no division, no separation by religion, only oneness. This view incorporates the philosophies of the world into a practical daily application for living that brings hope and profound change into the lives of those who apply it. In these two experiential volumes, author and Cayce expert Mark Thurston PhD gives his readers the tools with which to accomplish what Edgar Cayce suggested was the best avenue to spiritual growth: application. Knowledge of spiritual principles is not enough, we must apply that knowledge and then, as Cayce said, “the next will be given.”

Publisher: ARE PRESS

ISBN: 9780876049662

Dimensions: 21.59 and 13.97 cm

Publish Date: 1/04/2018

Page Count: 336