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2019 Fairy Houses Mini Calendar

Author: Smith, Sally J.

Description: A candlelit summer retreat perched on a rock in a cool mountain stream. Delicate red maple leaves frozen into a palace of spiny icicles. A Scandinavian tower house nestled beneath bright daffodils. A mushroom-topped lodge basking in a ray of autumn sun among the changing leaves. Each month reveals a magical world where imagination can find a home. Celebrated artist Sally J. Smith builds her exquisite creations from materials found in the wild. Each house begins as a collection of bark, twigs, mosses, stones, and other treasures from nature that call out to be included. When complete, the houses are placed back in their natural setting so perfectly you'll be certain they were made by fairy hands and that, at any moment, a tiny occupant may open the door and emerge to spread her shimmering wings in the sunshine.


Mini Calendar
ISBN: 9781631363832

Dimensions: 17.5 and 17.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2018

Page Count: 28