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2019 Cat Calendar Sticker Wall Calendar

Author: Kliban, B.

Description: Go ahead—sticker it! With over 150 colorful stickers starring artist B. Kliban’s cool and crazy cartoon Cat, this calendar is the cat’s meow. Kliban loved cats and had several as housemates. Their stylishly goofy antics inspired him to create Cat in the early 1970s. And his frisky feline is ready to come home with you?! Each month of this calendar features a picture of Cat enjoying an amusing, perhaps mildly mischievous activity—from hoarding a bunny’s midnight snack to marching on parade. Below each picture is a calendar page ready for your stickers. You could stick the ice-cream-eating Cat on the day you visit the dentist. Or the banjo-playing Cat on your birthday. Sticker your calendar however you’d like, because every day’s a fun day for Cat!

Publisher: Pomegranate Communications Inc.

2019 Sticker Calendar
ISBN: 9780764980282

Dimensions: 60.96 and 30.48 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2018

Page Count: 24