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2019 Frances Broomfield’s Gardeners Wall Calendar

Author: Broomfield, Frances

Description: As a contemporary artist, Frances Broomfield is drawn to the idiosyncratic, depicting eccentric characters from folklore and fairy tales, alchemy and mythology. She names Henri Rousseau and Lewis Carroll as among her artistic and literary influences, and she is noted for her illustrations of Alice’s Wonderland. Broomfield’s early work dealt with memories and dreams, and her paintings are often tinged with mystery and humor. Her formal portraits of gardeners in their well-tended surroundings, the tools of their trade worn as regalia, reveal her distinguished sense of whimsy. Broomfield (b. 1951) is based in Cheshire, England. She studied fine art painting at university and now works primarily in oil and tempera, producing highly detailed paintings. Broomfield is the recipient of a variety of awards, and her work is in collections in the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery and the Glasgow Museums.

Publisher: Pomegranate Communications Inc.

2019 Wall Calendar
ISBN: 9780764980176

Dimensions: 58.42 and 30.48 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2018

Page Count: 24