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2019 Exquisite Creatures

Author: Marley, Christopher

Description: Christopher Marley combines a passion for entomology with a keen eye for design to produce kaleidoscopic arthropod mandalas and stunning insect portraits. The result of years of arduous excursions to tropical regions where insects are profuse, brilliantly hued, and wondrously diverse, Marley’s insects are presented in their natural state, their colors true to life. Marley’s work with insects reflects an enduring love for their distinctive behaviors and beauty. He asserts that an increased appreciation of insects can help slow humanity’s destruction of their habitat, the foremost threat to their survival. Leading environmentalists and entomologists agree that insect collecting can actually aid in the preservation of insect species by offering an economic incentive to preserve the environments in which they thrive. A concise description of the insects portrayed in this calendar accompanies each photograph of Marley’s insect arrangements. More of Marley’s exquisite creatures are featured in the book Pheromone (Pomegranate, 2008).

Publisher: Pomegranate Communications Inc.

2019 Wall Calendar
ISBN: 9780764980442

Dimensions: 58.42 and 30.48 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2018

Page Count: 24