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2019 Moontime Diary

Author: Detenhoff, Iris

Description: Stay well and organised throughout the year 2019. The Australian Moontime Diary 2019 (13th edition) is a comprehensive annular almanac. Practical daily tips for health and beauty, home and garden inspire and guide you towards a healthier and more organized life style. This moon diary is elegant, slimline and a sturdy companion guide for laypersons and professionals interested in health, beauty, home, gardening, Astrology, traditional and New Age knowledge and more. The Moontime Diary 2019 helps you navigate your health and beauty, home and garden in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. Find out how you can benefit from being aware of the moon phases.

Publisher: Moontime Diary

ISBN: 9780994546241

Dimensions: 25.6 and 15.1 cm

Publish Date: 1/09/2018

Page Count: 192