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TC: AlcheMystic Woodcut Tarot, The

Author: Prudence, D. W.

Description: Obtain spiritual development through the symbolism of 78 beautiful Tarot cards inspired by woodcuts created between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. Interpretations from alchemists, Christian mystics, Kabbalists, and magicians are divided into the Majors and Minors based on philosophies of both the Tarot and Kabbalah. Though the philosophies are closely related, each suit possesses its own unique characteristics, descriptions, and meanings for the cards. Possessing this deck is like holding a complete synopsis of Kabbalah that fits into the palm of your hand. Use the cards to encourage your readings and interpretations for a clear narrative that concerns day-to-day issues as well as the more important questions of your life. The guide provides an overview of the Secret Wisdom of the Ages, delving into the Tarot in relation to Kabbalah. Each card has its own summary table for ease of reading and for understanding the beliefs involved. AUTHOR: D. W. Prudence has worked as a hypnotherapist and Tarot card reader, and is a Nondenominational Christian. He believes symbolism, Tarot cards, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are an effective means of spiritual contemplation that can be used to augment one's spiritual development. SELLING POINTS: 78-card Tarot deck using woodcuts crafted between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries Provides description and meaning of each card and an overview of how the Secret Wisdom of the Ages evolved Includes interpretations from alchemists, Christian mystics, Kabbalists, and magicians 78 art cards.

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

ISBN: 9780764354670

Dimensions: 22.9 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2018

Page Count: 208