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Animal Communication Made Easy

Author: Horsley, Pea

Description: Do you love your animals but feel there is something missing, and wish you could understand what they're trying to tell you? Do some of their behaviours leave you baffled or their fears put you in a frazzle? This book covers the essentials of animal communication, otherwise known as interspecies communication, and will teach you the skills to make a telepathic connection with your animals. Animal Communication explores ways to send and receive information from animals; it guides readers through 5 steps of preparation which will help them calm their body and release their mind, and 5 steps of connection to enable readers to start communicating with animals. The hardest part is communicating with your own animals, so a whole chapter is dedicated to helping readers achieve effective, helpful, and transformational communication to benefit the wellbeing of the animals they love and to enhance their relationships. Pea Horsley teaches the importance of practice, patience, and perseverance, and the different styles and approaches to communication. Readers will learn the many pitfalls of starting out-lack of belief and self-doubt-and how to develop trust and confidence. The aim of the book is for readers to begin communicating with animals and to gain enough information, experience, and confidence to keep going. It also guides them into an exploration of communication with the wild animals they encounter. Packed full of exercises, affirmations, and meditations, this practical book will empower animal lovers everywhere.

Publisher: PENGUIN

ISBN: 9781788171199

Dimensions: 19.7 and 13 cm

Publish Date: 3/09/2018