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Wild Unknown Journal, The

Author: Krans, Kim

Description: Explore your very own Wild Unknown as you embark on an odyssey of reflection, self-discovery, creative inspiration, and personal growth with The Wild Unknown Journal. Beautifully illustrated and hand-lettered throughout, every page of this stunning journal captures Kim Krans' iconic "Wild Unknown" style. Pairing lush watercolor imagery and elegant black-and-white line art similar to her Tarot and Animal Spirit decks and guidebooks, The Wild Unknown Journal is an entirely fresh way to interact with the essence of The Wild Unknown-without having to use a deck. The journal begins with an introduction written and hand-lettered by Kim that both invites you into this contemplative space and explains how to use the journal and all the possibilities it offers. Simple but powerful prompts combined with emotionally evocative art inspire an intimate and transformative experience, with plenty of room to write, draw, and create. Designed entirely by Kim Krans, from the front cover to the end papers, this exquisite hardbound journal is a work of art for seekers searching for a deeper connection to their inner selves or a spark to unleash their wild creativity. The Wild Unknown Journal provides a liberating, meditative space to pursue-and ultimately unleash-the imaginative, the natural, and the spiritual inside us.


ISBN: 9780062871374

Dimensions: 23.4 and 18.7 cm

Publish Date: 1/09/2018

Page Count: 160