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Automating Hydroponics

Author: Rossouw, Cerreto

Description: Hydroponics is the future of food production. Learn how to easily create a hydroponic system in your backyard or home and produce high-quality food at a fraction of the conventional cost, regardless of your level of expertise. Different hydroponic systems (nutrient film technique, wick, drip, aeroponic, water culture, ebb and flow) are explained, along with information on how to set up and care for indoor and outdoor growing environments. All-time favorites, such as tomatoes, salad greens, peas, and peppers, thrive in hydroponic conditions. This book also describes how to automate virtually every aspect of hydroponic gardening so you can minimize your time through the use of both commercial and homemade equipment, including relays, microcontrollers, shift registers, system alarms, and water-flow sensors, just to name a few. So whether you'd like to keep your system basic or go hi-tech, you'll be able to enjoy fresh food year round.


ISBN: 9781570673665

Dimensions: 22.9 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2018

Page Count: 160