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Mustache Bible

Author: Beard, Theodore

Description: The mustache is back! Walk through any hipster neighbourhood these days and you’ll see the move away from full-flowing beards and back to the far superior, gentlemanly mustache (don’t even think about a whisker-free face!). Today, the modern man uses the mustache much like a pair of raffish eyewear — to accent his face and personality. This book is your easy step-by-step guide to crafting forty classic and contemporary mustache styles. Think beyond the ’70s porn-star mo’ or Tom Selleck’s lip slug in Magnum P.I. (although, of course we had to include that one!) to cooler versions, including the Horseshoe, the Dalí, the freestyle, the Fu Manchu and the B-Boy. Add some serious style to your face this spring! Perfectly timed to release for Movember – a charity push for men to grow a moustache in November to help raise money for men’s health.


ISBN: 9781925418828

Dimensions: 18 and 13 cm

Publish Date: 1/10/2018

Page Count: 176