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Future of Medicine, The

Author: Sammut, Jeremy

Description: Health is the ‘third-rail’ of Australian politics. But if the status quo prevails, and we do not overcome the formidable political obstacles to doing things differently in health, Medicare will not only become increasingly unaffordable. Medicare – the so-called jewel in Australia’s social policy crown – will also be unable to meet the health needs of Australians in the most responsive and patient-centred way. The challenge confronting policymakers of all political persuasions is to ensure the health system is able to adapt and innovate to meet the most pressing issues threatening the quality and sustainability of Australian healthcare. The Future of Medicare? Health Innovation in 21st Century Australia presents the case for modernising the way Medicare funds and delivers health services to the Australian community The book, therefore, proposes a series of politically-feasible reform options and strategies – from Health Innovation Communities to State ‘hospital’ income taxes to Health Savings Accounts – to implement innovative health policy and healthcare solutions for the problems that Medicare faces in coming decades.

Publisher: Connor Court Publishing

ISBN: 9781925826043

Publish Date: 1/08/2018

Page Count: 290