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Women Who Changed the World

Author: Bounty

Description: The 20th century began with a sense of great optimism after centuries of oppression. It was to be one of the most violent and tumultuous in world history, and paved the way for many people to seize opportunities and make a difference. It has also been the most progressive, tipping into the 21st century where those achievements are as publicised as ever. And women have been there every step of the way. From extraordinary breakthroughs and inventions in science, to revolutionary political shifts, to artistic and cultural movements, this is a collection of some of the most remarkable achievements of women in the last century. Some have changed the way people think, some the way people see and hear, and others have changed the course of events across the globe. All have shaped our history. And our future. Profiles included women such as these, and so many more... Simone de Beauvior Marie Curie Indira Gandhi Coco Chanel Tracey Emin Virginia Woolf Angela Merkel Frida Kahlo Michelle Obama Princess Diana

Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9780753733332

Dimensions: 21 and 17 cm

Publish Date: 9/10/2018

Page Count: 192