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Author: Birch, Mary

Description: Breathing comes naturally to everyone - right? No: not right. Thanks to a range of life, work and environment factors, many of us don't breathe properly - and it is having a major impact on our health and wellbeing. Your breathing affects your health, and it is also affected by what's going on in your life. Regardless of the cause, if you don't sort it out, you won't be able to lead the happy, healthy life you should. That's especially true for the 1 in 4 Australians experiencing stress, and those experiencing anxiety and panic. For these people, in particular, learning how to breathe properly can be the key to a much healthier life, as incorrect breathing can cause and contribute to these disorders. This practical book by registered nurse and breathing retraining expert Mary Birch contains a week-by-week, step-by step-program to retrain the breathing pattern, as well as guidelines on lifestyle, exercise, food and nutrition. It also contains stories of people who have positively transformed their lives by learning to breathe properly. Part 1 provides an explanation of the link between overbreathing and stress, anxiety and panic symptoms. Part 2 contains a four-week program with weekly guidelines to help people experiencing these issues to improve their breathing pattern and gain long-term relief.

Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9780733641510

Publish Date: 8/01/2019

Page Count: 320