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Glute Lab, The

Author: Contrearas, Bret

Description: Improve physique, build lean muscle, increase strength-Glute Lab is an all-in-one glute training system. Over the last two decades, trainer and PhD Bret Contreras has been on a quest to find the optimal training methods surrounding the gluteal muscles, or glutes. Known in the strength and conditioning industry as "The Glute Guy," Bret has established himself as the world's foremost expert on glute training and program design. He has helped thousands reach their strength goals and achieve their ideal physique through his innovative glute training system. Now, these field-tested and scientifically proven methods and techniques have been distilled into one comprehensive glute-training manual that promises leaner, rounder, stronger, higher-performing glutes. Whether you're male or female, whether you're a bodybuilder, personal trainer, athlete, strength coach, physical therapist, or whether you're someone that just wants to look and feel better, Glute Lab offers a unique approach to training your butt and body that can have a lasting impact on your physique, health, and performance.

Publisher: Victory Belt

ISBN: 9781628603460

Dimensions: 27.4 and 21.5 cm

Publish Date: 1-Mar-19

Page Count: 488