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End of Procrastination, The

Author: Ludwig, Petr

Description: Everyone procrastinates. We live in a world surrounded by constant distractions (Facebook or Twitter, anyone?) and endless choices, which both lead to lack of focus and decision paralysis. As a result, we end up procrastinating which in turn can lead to mistakes at work and home, and actually make it impossible to achieve long-term happiness.While there are tips and tricks online on how to improve one's efficiency, no one has created a complete how-to that is backed by science and also easy-to-understand. At the core of this book are simple and practical tools for personal development, which will help you with your motivation, efficiency, productivity and long-term satisfaction. You will learn: - what decision paralysis is and why it has such a negative effect on us - how human motivation works and how properly to set it in order to work in the long-term - how to find a personal vision, define your strengths and use them to do meaningful things - how your brain works from the perspective of self-control. How to strengthen your willpower - how to increase efficiency. - how to learn new positive habits and unlearn the bad ones - how to organise tasks and time so that you can do more without getting tired - how to manage your own failures better - how to overcome the fear of change


ISBN: 9781760637705

Publish Date: Jan-19

Page Count: 272