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Singing in the Rain

Author: Kelly, Rachel

Description: I know that, in my own life, these small moves, done with little fanfare, have helped me hold onto that little bit of sunshine, even on the rainiest days' . In this inspirational workbook Rachel Kelly, who has had a history of depression, shares 52 life-affirming exercises and activities to guide you towards a sense of peace and resilience. This book is about action. It follows Rachel Kelly's motto 'small and do-able'. Engaging in physical, manual processes keeps us grounded; because we are what we repeatedly do - our brains are not fixed and hard-wired, but malleable and they change in response to experience. Tiny actions, tweaks, marginal gains: call them what you will. They make a difference. Follow these small incremental steps in this creative and interactive workbook to to help combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Publisher: FABER

ISBN: 9781780723587

Dimensions: 20 and 17.5 cm

Publish Date: 1-Mar-19

Page Count: 224