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Parallel University, The

Author: Krohn, Richard

Description: On turning 18 you have a big decision to make. Are you going to take responsibility for yourself or are you going to rely on society? If you want to be self-reliant you need to start now. Self-reliance starts with not leaning on others and moves to buying houses, educating children and then providing for yourself in retirement. That requires a lot of planning. To get it right you need to understand your environment, understand yourself, and balance your lifestyle with job satisfaction, financial rewards, Kudos and ethics. Life is tough, but satisfaction is only ever achieved when you shoulder a load and step outside your comfort zone. The Parallel University teaches you how to achieve your social responsibility of providing for yourself and your family. At present only 20% of the population manage to achieve that goal. Imagine the positive effect on the nation if we could increase that to 50% one by one, starting with you.

Publisher: Connor Court

ISBN: 9781925826111

Publish Date: 1-Oct-18

Page Count: 274