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Commitment to Excellence, A

Author: Zimmermann, Augusto

Description: Emeritus Professor Gabriel A. Moens is a prominent Australian academic, researcher, teacher and administrator and his legacy is nothing short of extraordinary. Over his long and distinguished career he has acquired a solid reputation as a leading academic expert in constitutional law, legal philosophy, and business law, in particular in its international and comparative dimensions. Edited by Professor Augusto Zimmermann, ‘A Commitment to Excellence: Essays in Honour of Professor Gabriël A. Moens’ is a collection of essays written by leading lawyers and academics who share a profound admiration for his extraordinary life and legacy. These essays address some of the topics Professor Moens has taught during his highly successful career. These include constitutional law, contract law, comparative law, jurisprudence, European Union law, International commercial law, trade law, arbitration law and practice, and mooting. The result is a deeply impressive collection of articles that is a most fitting tribute to the remarkable career of Professor Moens.

Publisher: Connor Court

ISBN: 9781925826203

Publish Date: 1-Oct-18

Page Count: 495