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Making Friends with Yourself

Author: Kallaway, Louise L

Description: “This book is an exploration and analysis of the childhood model, a set of beliefs and judgments assembled by the time a child is seven years old and brought forward, through the subconscious mind, into the adult’s life. It represents a significant gift to your understanding. Without review and intervention, this model is, no doubt, still running interference – controlling and limiting you – with crude, automatic, outdated, subconscious responses and beliefs. What did your powerless, instinctual, literal, inner child decide for you, your potential and your life by the time it was seven years old? Time to break the cycle! Today you are the one with the power, intellectual capabilities, life experience and freewill. No longer your inner child with the cake and you with the crumbs! Liking yourself today is the catalyst and a powerful motivation for success. New horizons beckon.”

Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing

ISBN: 9780648245599

Dimensions: 21 and 13.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2018