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Ikigai, & Other Japanese Words to Live By

Author: Downer, Lesley

Description: Japanese linguistic expression and philosophy are deeply interwoven, to the extent that almost every word holds a mine of cultural meaning. Much as the concepts of hygge , lykke and lagom have changed the lives of Western readers, this book aims to introduc e and explain some of the compelling themes and philosophies that underpin the complex and fascinating Japanese language. This captivating cornucopia features Japanese words and phrases that convey the culture, philosophy and experience, both ancient and m odern. Discover the centrality of wa , or 'harmony', in societal relations, and learn about the emphasis on aesthetics and beauty through words like myo (akin to the mysterious spirit that imbues true beauty), yugen (which refers to subtlety), and shibui (encompassing epitomising simplicity).

Publisher: Modern Books

ISBN: 9781911130888

Dimensions: 21 and 15 cm

Publish Date: 1/02/2019

Page Count: 128