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Make Money Doing What You Love

Author: Gilroy, Meghan

Description: There has never been a better time in the history of the world to start or grow a small business, especially one that is heart based (holistic, wellness, and coaching are examples of classic heart-based businesses). Despite this, so many people are afraid to take the leap, and many of those who do don’t achieve the success they had hoped for. Authors and Wanderlust Entrepreneurs Meghan Gilroy and Sheri Rosenthal are here to help! In Make Money Doing What You Love: How to Start and Grow Your Heart-Based Business, they begin by teaching readers how to develop the mindset needed to start and grow a profitable enterprise, which includes overcoming unconscious self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and other false ideas around topics such as money, sales, and marketing that prevent many heart-based entrepreneurs from creating a business that is both personally fulfilling and financially lucrative. Readers also learn the most important things heart-based business owners must do to attract and keep new clients. Finally, the authors will teach you how to develop your own “business intuition,” as doing so is key to growing your bottom line. The truth is that not only can you build a business that makes money and makes you happy simultaneously, but this is also the next step in your personal journey. Take the leap today!

Publisher: Hierophant Publishing

ISBN: 9781938289859

Dimensions: 20.9 and cm

Publish Date: 26/05/2019

Page Count: 208