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My Funny Bunny

Author: Roussey, Christine

Description: When a boy receives a gift box from his uncle on his sixth birthday, he's sure he knows what's inside—the perfect adorable dwarf rabbit of his dreams! The box does indeed contain a bunny . . . but it looks like a potato, with wiry whiskers and blobs of yucky fur—most definitely not perfect or adorable. The boy is a blur of sadness, fury, and disappointment, until the bunny finds ways to comfort him. Maybe this funny bunny isn't so bad after all? This sweet story teaches children a valuable lesson about why it's important to give pets (and people!) a chance . . . even if they seem quite imperfect at first.

Publisher: ABRAMS

ISBN: 9781419736186

Dimensions: 27.9 and 20.3 cm

Publish Date: 12/03/2019

Page Count: 32