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Bravo Express!

Author: Bravo, Ramses

Description: This brilliant follow-up to Chef Ramses Bravo's first cookbook, Bravo!, demonstrates how a healthy, whole-foods diet can be not only delicious but also quick and easy. By adhering to the SOS-free concept (no sugar, oil, or salt), Ramses provides a slew of simple yet surprisingly flavorful staple recipes you can enjoy all week long, regardless of how little time you have to spend in the kitchen. Two weeks of sample menus, along with detailed techniques, equipment lists, and easy-to-find ingredients,will inspire a lifetime of wholesome eating. Recover your health, lose weight, and enhance your longevity by following this time-tested approach endorsed by the medical professionals at TrueNorth Health Center.


ISBN: 9781570673627

Dimensions: 22.9 and 20 cm

Publish Date: 1/05/2019

Page Count: 160