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Author: Adams Media

Description: Once confined to the craft aisle and the hands of children between the ages of three and nine, glitter has migrated to adults of all ages and incomes, who enthusiastically decorate their hair, faces, and bodies with it, bathe in it, and, of course, craft with it. But glitter is more than something you use or look at, it’s a lifestyle, a state of mind for people who want to sparkle and shine inside and out. Glitter! is the perfect gift for those who are dedicated to adding sparkle to every aspect of their lives. Filled with tons of fun ideas for glittery craft projects, including glitter lip balm and eye shadow, glitter shoes, glitter bath bombs, glitter slime, glitter drinking glasses, and more!, as well as everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about glitter. Glitter! also includes four pull-out glitter-quote cards to frame and hang!

Publisher: US Trade

ISBN: 9781507208212

Dimensions: 15 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/04/2019

Page Count: 160