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Mindful Thoughts for Runners

Author: Wardley, Tessa

Description: Running can be a spiritually enriching activity, as well as a physical one-reconnecting us to our breath, our bodies, and the natural world around us with every steady step. Mindful Thoughts for Runners explores the ways in which running offers us an opportunity to deepen our levels of awareness, lifting our souls as well as our endorphin levels! In this beautifully illustrated little book, author Tessa Wardley meditates on the holistic nature of running, through 25 focused reflections offering meaningful insights that every runner will value and remember. Freedom, joy, creativity, and pain are all paced alongside appreciating the upside of a hill, the anatomy of running and its addictive nature-this book will appeal to barefoot, parkour, track and free runners alike.

Publisher: Quarto

ISBN: 9781782407645

Dimensions: 13.5 and 11 cm

Publish Date: 1/04/2019

Page Count: 160