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Ask a Scientist

Author: Winston, Robert

Description: This fun and friendly science book for kids poses 100 real-life questions from kids to Robert Winston on every aspect of science. Questions cover all the popular science topics, including human body: "Why do freckles come in dots on your face?"; physics: "Why is there less gravity on the Moon?"; Earth: "Why do I see different colours in the sky at sunset?"; chemistry: "Why do chemicals explode when mixed together?"; natural science: "How do birds fly?", and space: "Why will the Sun explode and make us extinct?" These are real questions from children from around the world, and their questions are their very own. Science can be a tricky subject for kids: this book gets a fresh new angle on it by looking at science from the child's point of view. Packed with weird and wacky questions and clear and lively answers - Ask a Scientist puts the fun back into science. And who could be a better scientist to ask questions to than Professor Robert Winston?


ISBN: 9780241379240

Dimensions: 27.6 and 21.6 cm

Publish Date: 4/06/2019

Page Count: 128