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Dogs on the Beach

Author: Regan, Lara Jo

Description: In this breathtaking series photographer Lara Jo Regan combines two universally popular subjects – dogs and beaches - kicking up fresh sand in dog, beach, travel and animal photography. Readers are treated to a vibrant, pleasure-packed journey spanning all seasons, a timeless treasure surely to be widely savored, gifted and shared. A passionate, world-renowned chronicler of canine life (Dogs in Cars, Mr. Winkle series, Dog Plays), the author spent three years shooting Dogs on the Beach, traveling to some of the most scenic seascapes in America to capture the primal joy of dogs romping and rolling in the sand, splashing in surf, lounging in the sun and even catching a few waves. One literally re-discovers and experiences the sensuous joys, child-like pleasures and expansive beauty of the beach through these remarkable intimate images of blissed-out dogs in paradise.


ISBN: 9780991637256

Dimensions: 17.7 and 22.9 cm

Publish Date: 1-Jun-19

Page Count: 180