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Odd Science: Spectacular Space

Author: Olstein, James

Description: Read about the first flower grown in space, wonder at the tallest mountain in the solar system and tell your friends that Saturn could float in water! There are facts about tortoises orbiting the moon, facts about Martian rocks here on Earth and facts about lightening bolts one and a half times as long as our galaxy! James Olstein beautifully illustrates these odd facts in a retro-inspired, quirky style. His designs aren't meant to be taken literally, but you'll laugh-out-load when you see Einstein surfing on a gravitational wave and pizza floating through space! Prepare to laugh, marvel and learn. Being a geek has never been so cool.

Publisher: Pavilion Books

ISBN: 9781843654032

Dimensions: 22 and 22 cm

Publish Date: 1/5/2019

Page Count: 80