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Heal Your Inner Wounds

Author: Wynne, Abby

Description: You've become an expert at surviving the ups and downs of life, but now is the time to start feeling worthy of the good life you dream about. In order to feel worthy, you need to heal your inner wounds. This inspiring book features a unique mix of shamanism and psychotherapy for deep, transformational healing that can be used by anyone. Heal Your Inner Wounds guides you through each step of life—from childhood to adulthood—and shows you how to work through and release the pain and resentment that may be lingering. Whether it's caused by relationship trouble, family problems, or self-esteem issues, Abby Wynne teaches you to let go of resentments from the past so you can have a more positive future.


ISBN: 9780738757070

Dimensions: 20 and 13 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2019

Page Count: 336